Broek in Waterland

De historische kern van Broek in Waterland

De historische kern van Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland is only 12 kilometres north of the center of Amsterdam. Although a small village – with a population of 2200 – Broek boasts 83 listed buildings.


In harmony with the green surroundings and the abundant canals and ditches they make Broek in Waterland one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands.


Locally you will find some restaurants and shops, but Amsterdam is in easy reach. From six in the morning till late at night buses operate a service from and to Amsterdam Central Station, Monnickendam, Marken, Edam and Volendam.

de-kleine-walvis-logoThe bus stop is 200 metres away from ‘The little Whale’.


Waterland is a so called National Landscape. Half of the area consists of water. For hikers, bikers and skaters all sorts of routes – shorter and longer – are to be explored; along lakes, on dykes, through the meadows.

Electrically powered boats can be hired locally. Apart from ice-skating, sailing and boating are the best ways to experience the unique character of Waterland.

© Ria Houweling-Bouwman